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French translation & content agency for industrial, tech, and deeptech companies in Grenoble, France

In the age of AI-enabled translation and copywriting, it can be difficult to find professional translators and content writers who are familiar not only with your industry or technology, but who also master the strategic challenges of marketing tech-intensive products and services to BtoB audiences.

At SFM, we have been delivering international marketing conent to industrial, tech, and deeptech companies and RTOs (research & technology organizations) since 2003.

We work with organizations of all sizes, from tech and deeptech startups to blue chip corporations and major innovation campuses and research institutes.

Proudly anchored in Grenoble, France, Europe’s deeptech hotspot, we have built a strong community of translators, writers, and subject matter experts fluent in today’s most advanced industries and technologies.

Services: French & English translation, copywriting, content strategy, and interpreting

Technical and marketing translation in French & English

We only translate specialist content, a task AI and machine translation simply can't handle. When your content has to be technically accurate and you can't risk your marketing messages sounding a little "off", we can help. Our proven network of human translators (many with prior education and careers in science and technology) and subject matter experts use the latest technology if and when it is in your best interest.

International content strategy

We can take your website international, determine whether SEO is still the best bet for your company, and improve your reach (and not just your vanity metrics) on LinkedIn. Our translation and writing services always come with recommendations, but if you need a more comprehensive strategy, we can also help with that.

Copywriting & content writing in French & English

You may be tempted to use generative AI to write your website, blog, LinkedIn, or other content directly in the languages of your international markets. This is a particularly risky approach for highly technical BtoB markets. Our writers are experts in your technologies and industries and can help you produce original content that delivers value to your readers and positions your brand as a leader. We can also advise you on when AI can help!

Interpreting for your physical and online events

Professional multlingual interpreting adds value to your events. Give your international attendees a VIP experience, make your meetings, training sessions, and workshops more effective, and stream and capture high-quality audio and video content for reuse.

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Meet the team

Sara Freitas

Sara Freitas


Sara was born and raised in New Hampshire, earning a BA Hons. in French and an MA in English Language and Linguistics from the University of New Hampshire. She moved to Grenoble, France, in 2001. She founded SFM in 2003, first as an independent contractor, and later, in 2014, as a limited liability company.

Today, SFM brings 20 years of experience in translation, copywriting, content writing, and content strategy to Grenoble's industrial and tech ecosystem. Sara has capitalized on hundreds of projects to develop deep knowledge of innovation districts, tech scaleup and transfer, and the factories of the future. She is also constantly learning about BtoB marketing, internationalization, and intercultural communication.

She is a member of the SFT, France's leading national translators' association, and Com2Grenoble, the club for communications professionals in the Grenoble area.

As seen (and heard) in...

Perrine Gebel

Perrine Gebel

Office Manager & Translation Project Manager

Perrine has been assisting SFM since 2015, the year she decided to give up her day job to launch her virtual assistant service, PG Services Conseils, Perrine met Sara at an International Women's Day event at the Grenoble Chamber of Commerce, where she had come seeking feedback on her business idea. Thankfully, Sara decided to snap her up before someone else did, and the rest is history!

Perrine is in charge of all administrative processes and tasks, but where she really shines is as a systems-level thinker. No matter the problem, Perrine can usually find or build a tool or automation to handle it. In recent years she has completed translation project management training and is familiar with translation management software.

20+ professional service providers

20+ professional service providers

Translators, editors, writers, SEO specialists, community managers, video producers, designers, DTP specialists, interpreters...

We can deliver turnkey projects requiring translators, interpreters, photographers, video producers and editors, community managers, corporate journalists, SEO specialists, graphic designers, DTP specialists, and more. We only work with people we know well and whose work has already earned the trust of our customers or other members of our network.